Junior Formula 1000 championship

The North Wales Car Club welcomes and encourages all junior drivers. Drivers from the age of 14 can compete on autotests and trials, a prefect way to gain experience and car control.

NWCC junior member Dale Davies is only 15 and is taking part in the Junior Formula 1000 championship. Dale is driving his self built 1000cc Nissan Micra which has taken him 9 months to complete, (see the below images).

Driver Profile : Dale Davies Nissan Micra

1. How old were you when you started building the car.
Dale: I was 14 when I started building the car

2. Where did u get the car from and how much did it cost?
Dale: I bought the car from JustMicras in Meliden,Dyserth and it was £275

3. How long did it take you to build?
Dale: I took about 9 months in total

4. When did you compete in your first event in the car?
Dale: The first time i drove my car was on an autotest at Mona Showground in Anglesey, my first event was the Lee Holland Memorial on the 25 April 2010 in Anglesey

5. What was the biggest challenge?
Dale: The biggest challenge was stripping it out and all the welding

6. What would you advise anyone at your age thinking of starting out in rallying?
Dale: To buy the best equipment that you can afford as safety comes first and to just go out and enjoy yourself

7. Which drivers inspire you?
Dale: The drivers that inspire me are Colin Mcrae, Mikko Hirvonen and Matthew Wilson

8. What’s your ultimate goal?
Dale: My ultimate goal is to keep enjoying myself and to keep improving and to go as far as I can in the sport

9. How did you fund the project?
Dale: I funded the project by saving up and sacrificing Birthday and Christmas presents for money or parts

10. What’s next for Dale Davies?
Dale: The next step is to revise for my GCSE’s, start a mechanics course in college and to try and get an apprenticeship in a car garage, also to keep up with rallying and to practice as much as possible

Who would you like to thank for getting you this far?
Dale: I would like to thank mum and dad for letting me compete in the sport and for letting me follow my dream, NS Motorsport for doing majority of the welding and to Autovision for sponsoring me and for doing all of the windows and the welsh dragon on my roof, and also to Tristan Dodd for starting the J1000 championship to get us youngsters rallying, and also to Dave Thomas for taking me to trials so that i have more practice in a car.

Dale is looking for sponsorship, so if you want to support an up and coming talented young driver then you can get in touch directly with Dale at the following address:

Email: rallying_dale@hotmail.co.uk
Mobile 07884 345 894


For more information on the Junior Formula 1000 please contact:

Dave Thomas, North Wales Car Club on 07788 995 345 dave@northwalescarclub.org
Tristian Dodd, Formula 1000 Rally Club, pectyres@btinternet.com

Useful links:

Formula 1000 Rally Club – www.formula1000.co.uk